Chef Jobs Dublin

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Chef Jobs Dublin

Chef Jobs Dublin

Dublin is the Capital City of Ireland and is home to more than 1 million people. So what type of cuisine do people living in Dublin like to eat? Just like any major European City, Dublin has a vast rang of cafes/restaurants and hotels to dine in. At the moment Dublin, like Ireland is experiencing a severe lack of talented Chefs.

Yes, a career as a chef can be a very tiring one. It’s not unusual to hear of a young, ambitious chef working 50+ hours a week. This is especially true during high season i.e Summer and Christmas. However, if you go and ask any of the top chefs in the best eateries in Dublin how they got to where they are, they will always tell you hard work and determination. That along with the ability to listen and learn from their mentors.

You don’t necessarily need a qualification to be a chef. However, it is always advised to educate yourself through some sort of culinary course. It will help you in the future. Pick a cuisine you have an interest in i.e fine dining/bistro style etc. If you have an interest in this type of food you will enjoy cooking it more and enjoy learning along the way.

Below is a typical list of chef jobs you will see advertised on job sites in Dublin. Along with their respecting salary ranges:

  • Commis Chef €21-€25k
  • Demi Chef de Partie €24-€26k
  • Chef de Partie €26-€31k
  • Junior Sous Chef €31-€35k
  • Sous Chef €35-€45k
  • Executive Sous Chef €45-€60k
  • Head Chef €45k+

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