Chef de Partie-An important position

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Chef de Partie

So, what exactly is a chef de partie? Well for sure it is a really important position in the kitchen chain. Depending on the type of establishment you are in, it will bring different responsibilities. You could be the in a small little restaurant where there are just 3 chefs. Then again you could be a chef  in a large hotel that has a kitchen team of 20. So, what exactly does a chef de partie do? Well usually there are on the main courses. This would mainly be the grill section. This is an important section as it is where all the main courses must be put together.

There are very few hotels and restaurants in the country that will tell you they do not need a chef . As this is such an important role, the demand for a chef de partie is extremely high.  Yes, there may be long hours involved, esp. during peak season. However, as they say, hard work and commitment will get you far in this life. So, if you want to be the head chef, you need to work hard as a chef de partie first. Of course, with any job, education is key. There are many different types of education courses out there to help you to upskill and keep abreast of current trends. Its just about finding the right one for you

So how can I get one?

Most chef de partie jobs are advertised on jobs boards throughout the Country. You should also sign up to a reputable recruitment agency who would specialise in chef positions. These will not only offer you good career advice, but they will also give you a wide selection of the roles out there and the ones that best suit your needs

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