Catering Jobs

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Catering Jobs

There are a wide range of catering jobs out there. A catering job can mean different things to different people. Some people see it as a part time role to supplement their income. Others see it as a very satisfying and rewarding career. Most would agree that no two days are ever the same.

So, let us look at some of the different type of catering positions there are. These range from catering assistant right up to catering manager. You could also be a chef working in the catering industry. You could start as a commis chef and work your way up to chef manager. There are also different types of catering establishments. You could work in a small café in a hospital where there are 6 staff members. Then you could work in a large multinational company where there are over 2000 staff.  There are many different catering companies out there ranging from small to large.

A lot of catering jobs Ireland offers would be Monday to Friday daytime hours. Therefore, they are appealing to a lot of people as they offer a great work life balance. Some would also offer shift work. So, you could work an early morning shift or a late evening shift, depending on the type of establishment.

Another benefit to a catering job is the courses you can take while working there. As you are generally working with food, you will need to ensure that you are trained in food safety. A lot of companies ensure their staff are fully trained on food safety and hygiene. There are also other courses you can do to upskill yourself. Catering staff are usually cross trained so they can work in different areas. This can also be very beneficial for your career.

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