Bar Jobs in Dublin

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Bar Jobs in Dublin

Dublin is the Capital City of Ireland which means there are plenty of bar jobs in Dublin. It is also a major European City for both tourism and trade . It is home to more than one million people, thus lots of bars and restaurants throughout this vibrant City. However, this current pandemic has been catastrophic for bar jobs in Dublin. Over 700 bars in Dublin are currently closed due to restrictions imposed on the hospitality sector due to Covid 19.

However, this cannot last forever and bar jobs in Dublin will be immensely popular once again. So, what types of bar jobs are there and what type of person is likely to take one? Well some people see it as a part time role, they may be studying fulltime and need to fund their studies. Others see it as a career choice. One thing is for sure is that no two days are ever the same. A bar job is an interesting one. You get to meet all different types of people from across the globe. Indeed, a friendly bartender with local knowledge can suddenly become and unexpected tour guide.

As Dublin is a major European hotspot, you will find there are many different types of bars in the City. Ranging from your small local bar serving the community to a large gastro pub in the city Centre serving everything from tapas to cocktails and craft beers. There are also many different types of bar jobs in Dublin. You could specialise in craft beers or cocktails.

So how do you get a bar job in Dublin? Well unlike most jobs, you do not always need experience as this can be taught. You just need the right attitude, have excellent customer service skills, and be prepared to work late nights and weekends. However, as most bartenders will tell you, its not only a means to an end but an extremely rewarding position esp. when it comes to making tips.

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