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Accounts Receivable Job Description

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Accounts Receivable Job Description

Accounts Receivable Job Description is listed below along with the main duties and responsibilities. They are also know as Income Auditors. This role usually reports to the Financial Director. An Accounts Receivable job description is centered around maintaining all necessary income reports and journals by accurately auditing the daily revenues of the hotel. This need to be done in accordance with hotel accounting and financial controls, corporate policies and guidelines, and the hotel’s business plan.

They must also facilitate payment of all money due by promptly preparing invoices and processing incoming payments.

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Accounts Receivable Job Description – Duties and Responsibilities

  • Performs an audit of the daily postings on the Front Office system ensuring its accuracy and completeness.
  • Prepares all necessary daily reports which includes:
    • Updating the Overs & Under A/C, Vouchers A/C.
    • Updating the Management, A/ C and complimentary items A/C
    • Updating all negative postings including rebates, refunds etc.
  • Checking the daily sales report which includes:
    • Checking the previous day’s Function Sheets to ensure that all Revenue is posted on HMS.
    • Checking that all voids are correct and reasonable.
    • Prepares and assists in weekly sales report for the Controller in a timely manner.
    • Maintains filing systems for the daily information; credit cards, restaurant charges, promotional tickets and coupons, zero/cash folios, etc.
    • Prepares all necessary period end closing reports.

Accounts Receivables

  • Ensures transfers from guest ledger to AR ledger are accurate and done in a timely fashion.
  • Performs timely mailing of statements to guests with recent activity in the hotel Attaching pertinent back-up.
  • Attaches copies of folios, food and beverage guest checks, and miscellaneous vouchers where necessary.
  • Finalize customer invoices along with signed supporting documentation.
  • Posts payments received to aging and reconciles these payments to open invoices.
  • Balances accounts receivable system to the general ledger on a routine basis.
  • Makes all necessary adjustments or credits.
  • Follow up on overdue accounts (over 30 days).
  • Send all backup with Folio to Debt Collector if the account is over 90 days.
  • Complete credit checks on all new customers seeking an account with the Hotel.
  • Assists in the preparation of month end reconciliation and in the final monthly.
  • closing of the accounts receivable system.
  • Prepares reports as requested to develop a more informative database for.
  • improved management decision making and critical evaluation of work activities.
  • Prepares all appropriate period closing.

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