Accommodation manager jobs Ireland

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Accommodation manager hotel jobs Ireland

Accommodation manager hotel jobs in Ireland are open to candidates from abroad. Of course, provided they have the right experience, attitude and knowledge. So far, we have employed our fair number of talented managers from other countries. Those are remarkable candidates and truly, it is our pleasure to work with them.

Most accommodation managers have a similar path to becoming one. Usually, people start out as cleaners or housekeeping attendants. Later, through hard work and dedication they come to supervising positions. After working as supervisors for a minimum of one year, candidates can climb further. For example, to an Assistant Accommodation Manager role in larger properties. Or directly to Accommodation Manager role in smaller or lower ranked property.

So, what does an Accommodation manager do:

  • implements standards that set by GM
  • manages staff
  • manages laundry service (it can be in-house service or outsourced)
  • makes sure that public areas are cleaned properly
  • does standard training for supervisors (room inspections and high cleanliness standards)
  • attends management meetings
  • does budget controlling
  • does payroll cost control
  • controls stock, inventory, and purchasing
  • organization and linen control
  • lost and found SOP procedure implementation
  • follows up on guest complaints etc.

Accommodation Manager Salaries

Accommodation Manager SalariesThis is one of the most physically demanding jobs in any hotel. Therefore, our clients value the work all the housekeeping team does for them. Moreover, salaries start at €40,000 per year and go right up to €55,000 in certain instances.

Our article on Moving to Ireland for Work describes our recruitment process in detail. Above all, we would like to mention that it is very important to send a good CV in the job application. With this in mind, you can download our free CV template here.
Please, submit references from your past jobs as well.

All those interested in working as Accommodation Managers in Irish hotels, contact any of our team. Or better yet, send him your updated CV in English.

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