Life in Ireland

Ireland is one of the most scenic and safest countries with the world.  With a population of just over 4 million people the main cities in the country are Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast in Northern Ireland.
Dublin Airport lands 22 million passengers per year and it is the home and main hub for the low cost airline Ryanair as well as Aer Lingus.  With direct daily flights all major European cities and the UAE it also has direct daily flights to destinations in the USA such as San Francisco, New York, Boston etc.
With just over 600 hotels in the country and a booming hospitality business, Ireland is host to such brands as Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental, Red Carnation and Doyle Collection.


Ireland has a good road and motorway network connecting the whole country.  There is also an excellent rail network connecting all major towns as well as suburban rail services such as the DART and a tram network (Luas) in Dublin city.
The bus network is very extensive throughout the country and there is an excellent bus service in Dublin and you will also find that a lot of people in the city now opt to travel to work on a bicycle as there are designated cycling lanes.


You have the option to enrol your children in private schools which start at about €5000 per annum or alternatively there is an excellent state run education system for children from the age of 4 years to 18 years which is free and paid for by the government.
There is also a free child year offered to children from the age of 3 years for early education paid for by the government which is pre primary school and usually is 3 hours in the morning Monday to Friday, click here for more info.


The selection of housing is very varied with most people choosing to live in either apartments , semi-detached houses or detached houses.  Depending on location rents can range in price for a detached house from €400 per month up to €2500 per month with apartments in Dublin starting at €450 per month for 1 room.
Most people will approach the landlord directly to view a property which are advertised on:
1 months rent is sought as a deposit and you are usually asked to pay your rent 1 month in advance.  You might also be also be asked for a PPS number by the landlord.


Summers here are temperate and sometimes wet with temperatures reaching a high of approximately 24 degrees( which is not too often).
Winters might deep below 0 to freezing but often would be in the range of 3-10 degrees.

Working in Ireland

The working week is Monday to Friday with an average of 40-48 hours per week.  There are 11 days bank holidays and if you work on any of these days you are entitled to a day in lieu.
The statutory paid holiday leave entitlement is 20 days per annum.
There are a number of different taxes that are deducted from your wages but to get an idea of this please have a look at the salary calculator.  Click here for the calculator.
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