The Terms

Fees are charged on engagement of the candidate, based on commencing gross annual salary package at 18%.

Standard Recruitment Fees

If a candidate leaves the client’s employment for any reason other than redundancy, within 13 weeks of engagement*, we will replace the candidate at no additional cost to the client except for additional advertising costs (which shall be agreed prior to any advertising), providing the following terms are adhered to: (i) the client notifies AR in writing within 7 days of termination and (ii) all monies due from the Client have been paid in accordance with these terms. Should no replacement be found, Action Recruitment (Hospitality Connections Ltd) will pay the Client a refund against the fees paid as follows: *Up to 7 weeks service full refund * 8 – 12 weeks service 50% refund. Credit terms are 30 days due from date of commencement of employment, failure to pay within this period nullifies guarantees.

NB Chefs of any level placed in a role who leave between 1 weeks service and 7 weeks service will be billed at €250 per each week of service if they leave up to 7 weeks service stage. Candidates placed on an hourly rate will have their fees calculated on a 40 hour week.

Business Conditions

  • All candidate introductions are confidential and, as such, no third-party referrals are accepted. Should a client employ a candidate within one year of introduction, whether it be on a permanent or temporary basis a full fee is deemed payable.
  • If a candidate is introduced through another agency on a temporary basis and then offered a permanent role within 12 months of the introduction through Action Recruitment a full fee is deemed payable to Action Recruitment.
  • Action Recruitment reserves the right to charge the client an administration fee, subject to prior mutual agreement.
  • Whilst every effort is made to ensure the suitability of all candidates introduced, we cannot accept any responsibility for any loss, expense, damage or delay, however occasioned.


We will endeavour to replace any employee who has resigned or been dismissed within 13 weeks of commencement of employment, for any reason other than redundancy, providing that the following terms are terms are adhered to: (i) the client notifies AR in writing within 7 days of termination and (ii) all monies due from the Client have been paid in accordance with these terms. If Action Recruitment is unable to provide a suitable replacement, we will credit the account with the fee as per the number of week’s service with the company.

Employing the candidate

In the event that any candidate introduced by Action Recruitment (Hospitality Connections Ltd) is subsequently employed by the client or related organisation in any capacity whether temporary, permanent or self-employed, within 12 months of the initial introduction date, whether referred internally, by another agency or another means, the client shall pay the permanent placement fee from the candidates start date. This applies in all cases including where a client no longer uses the services of Action Recruitment.

Code of Ethical Practice

  • Before a recruitment brief we ensure that our Terms and Conditions of Business are understood and agreed to.
  • Consultants do a reference check for all candidates before submitting their details.
  • If a fee has been received for the candidate we will not induce them to leave a client’s company.
  • Action will not introduce any candidate’s details to a client without prior permission.
  • We treat all candidate and client information in strict confidence.
  • We will ensure that our terms of business are fully understood. The terms are sent to the client before undertaking any brief.

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