The Process

Hotel Management Recruiters

So how does the recruitment process work?

  • Whether it be over the phone/email or in person, we take a full brief on the company recruiting for a vacancy. We also research the job itself and the profile that is the best possible fit for them.
  • Having met thousands of candidates over the years, we usually know which candidates best match the role in question. With offices in Ireland and Europe, we can cater to numerous clients.
  • Firstly, we will discuss the opportunity with the best possible candidates for the role. Secondly, we will allow them to have some time to think about the role and the company. This way we ensure candidate commitment.
  • We will only send 2 or 3 candidates to you for each vacancy unless you wish for more. Our time is invested in quality more so than the quantity of applicants that we shall send to you.
  • More times than not we will have already interviewed the candidates. However, from time to time we may need to advertise the role on our website if it is not confidential. At this stage we will interview a new pool of candidates who will be referenced in detail.
  • We will arrange all interview details with candidates all the way to the offer stage.
  • After a candidate has worked for a minimum of 6 weeks with the new company we will then touch base. Just to ensure they are settling in well.

Get in touch

If you are a hotel in need of filling an executive position or a candidate searching for a job in our database and would like further information before applying, you can contact us directly by following the link below.
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