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Action Recruitment is a skilled recruitment agency when it comes to finding hotel Digital Marketing Jobs in Ireland. We are one of the few hotel and catering recruitment agencies in Dublin, Ireland that can boast over 48 years in business. And we owe it all to our passion for finding hotel jobs for talented professionals. Above all, we love placing leaders in their fields with the best businesses out there. Because of our experience we understand what it takes to drive a business forward. Even in tough economic conditions. Thus far, we have placed Digital Marketing Managers all around the world. This includes Ireland, wider Europe, even Dubai and South Africa. Now, we are able to perform at the highest level worldwide.

Marketing is a constantly evolving and changing branch of the industry. This makes it both dynamic and rewarding. However, it can be difficult to keep up with all the latest updates. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Several members of our team hold certificates in Digital Marketing. Certainly, this allows us to source and interview the best candidates for Digital Marketing roles.

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If you’re a Social Media or Digital Marketing Manager, you have come to the right place. Firstly, because we know your language and know how to converse with you. Secondly, with our skill set and sound advice we are the digital marketing recruiters to best prepare you for an interview. However, we need to mention that Digital Marketeers with Google certificates stand out from the crowd. Candidates with a Diploma in Digital Marketing would also be at an advantage. For instance, if you’re looking to further your knowledge we recommend the Digital Marketing Institute in Dublin. Primarily because it’s an institution with a great reputation. Moreover, their certificates are recognised worldwide.

Do you want to continue your career in hotel digital marketing? Or do you want to start your career in social media management? Either way, contact any of our team today.

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